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"Be the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry"

“Be the CEO that your parents always wanted you to marry.”

Through our journey we have met so many amazing, inspiring women who have created their own businesses to turn their visions into reality. Last Friday we had the honor of catering “The Art of Being Well: Bumble Bizz Wellness Panel” hosted by @Arilife and @BumbleBizz. Another amazing “work” day for us to connect with the women behind companies that strive to make the world a better place: @dope_naturally , @higherdose @lxmiofficial‍️‍ and @packagefreeshop .

We make choices everyday as Lelia, founder of @lxmiofficial‍️‍ noted and each purchase can represent social change such as to support products that empower women with fair wages and products that are better for mother Earth. You vote with each dollar you spend. One person can create a social impact and change for the world everyday by reducing their own personal impact as Lauren, founder of @packagefreeshop inspires many to do daily.


Through another event hosted by @Arilife we also connected with @kumidreams, a fellow woman entrepreneur who took a leap of faith, gave up her corporate America job to chase her dreams of sharing her love of travel and to inspire others to do the same. Our interview with @kumidreams is now live on @applepodcasts and @stitcherpodcasts ! We chatted about why and how we created our Ocka Treats baby, the challenges we faced and continue to face along the way and how we create balance in our lives!

We strive to do our part to make a positive impact through Ocka Treats, however small the impact might be. We are also thankful for our family, friends and customers who have been so supportive of Ocka Treats.


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