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Next stop - the World's Fare

When: April 28 (Sat) & April 29 (Sun)

Where: Citi Field

Ticket: Link to get ticket

Full vendor list: Link

Ocka Treats will be showcasing our re-invention of classic Aussie treats (such as Tim Tam, Lamingtons, Cherry Ripe and everything avocado) with a healthy spin. We love making beautiful and delicious sweets that are raw, vegan and gluten free.

The World's Fare is expected to attract 10,000+ people. It continues to garner wonderful media attention. In addition to all the buzz from food blogger and instagram influencers, they are in the NY Times, AM New York, Travel and Leisure, Food Curated and on the cover of Metro on April 3.

Please don't delay in getting your tickets. The $19 tickets will sell out (some time slots have already sold out!) and prior to that will be going up to $29 as early as next week! Get your tickets today at www.theworldsfare.nyc

As you know, we do not and will never try to preach veganism directly to people. We want our treats to speak for themselves and convince non-vegan that vegan and healthy food is delicious and decadent. When we applied to be a vendor at the World's Fare, we did not tell the committee that our products were vegan till they accepted our application after the tasting meeting. We are the only vegan vendor (out of 100 vendors) at this event. Among all the "total vegan-opposite" vendors, we are a bit intimidated but we hope that our sweet treats can stand on their own and help spread the words that desserts without dairy and refined sugar can be just as delicious and beautiful, if not better!

The World's Fare seems to be the party of the year not to be missed. In addition to the food and drink offerings, throughout the weekend live music will be performed by bands representing about a dozen cultures as well as art installations including LEGO Art, 4 dimensional drawings, street art and painted scripture.

Please come support us! Join us with your friends and family for a weekend full of festivities.

You can get tickets via this link:



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