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Ocka Treats strives to use the most nutritional and minimally processed ingredients in our treats because we believe it is important that we fuel our bodies with what it deserves. It is our principle that you should do good for your body and do good for others. Since our launch, we have been working with other like-minded individuals, bonding and connecting on our missions to do well to ourselves, do well for the environment and do well for the community. With that being said, we are very excited to announce an amazing collaboration with Nipa and feature some of her handcrafted products from Thailand.

Nipa’s Story

Nipa is a simple housewife in a small fishing village in Thailand. Due to her duties at home as a young girl, she never had an opportunity to attend formal education, engage in any business management courses nor develop her talents in any trade schools. Despite not having an opportunity like many other girls, Nipa was determined to make a difference - no matter how big or small it was going to be. One day, Nipa, while on her way to the local street market, noticed and ultimately grew upset on the amount of one-time use plastic utensils people from her village were throwing away. She told herself that there must be a better way to reduce plastic trash in her village and to possibly use a more natural alternative.

A moment of sudden discovery happened one morning while on her way to the local market for groceries. She saw a pile of fresh coconut shells being thrown away by the shop owners after extracting the coconut meats and water. She made a connection and remembered the amount of plastic utensils that were thrown away in her village and the similarities of the discarded coconut shells on the ground. An idea came to her to reclaim this raw, locally harvested natural coconut shells and give it a new life, a new purpose. She began collecting the discarded coconut shells and re-shaping them into reusable spoons. From hand picking the coconut shells, cleaning, polishing, designing to shaping the spoons, Nipa does it all by hands. No chemical or animal products are used in the process. Since Nipa launched her self-made business in 2013, she has expanded her product line from spoons to bowls and straws, and hired and trained a few other locals in the village.

As Nipa’s products are 100% natural with no chemical treatments, the products will not pollute underground water or soil when thrown away. You can also mix the products with your compost. Nipa sees this as her opportunity to help preserving Mother Nature, stimulate a micro economy within her town and empower others to work towards what you believe. She’s doing this one small spoon at a time.

Come check out Nipa's handcrafted coconut and bamboo products at our

upcoming pop up, Vegan Shop Up

🗓: Feb 10 (Sat)

⏰: 12pm - 5pm

🏠: 12 Grattan St. Brooklyn, NY

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