Frequently Asked Questions

Which treats are vegan and/or gluten free? 
All of our treats are plant-based, dairy free and gluten free. 
Are your treats Paleo diet friendly?
​Yes our treats are Paleo friendly. Our treats are minimally processed using whole ingredients that are plant based without refined sugar. The caveman wished they could have found Ocka Treats fallen from the tree. 
What if I'm allergic to nuts and/or soy? 
Peanuts, nuts, soy and other allergens are present at our Ocka Treats kitchen. We can customize your order to avoid ingredients that you are allergic to but we cannot guarantee that our products will be free of the eight major allergies identified by the FDA. If you or someone in your party has a food allergy, please let us know before placing your order.
Can I sample your treats? 
If you ask nicely and say pleeaaase...​Message us and schedule a tasting or sampling for your special event or office order. We will be happy to share!
How far in advance do I have to place an order?
That depends on the weather. When the weather is nice, Carmen & Evelyn will be snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking or just doing their things outdoors. We have a faster turnaround time when it's rainy and stormy out. ​Depending on the size of your order, it would generally be safe to give us 5 days notice. 
You can also find our Bliss Bars at Citizens of Chelsea and other locations. See tab Where to find us for more information. 
What's your favorite Ocka Treats dessert?
That's like asking a mother to pick their favorite child. We love all our creations. However, Lemon Turmeric bliss bars have consistently be our best seller. 
Why go plant-based? 
There are just so many reasons! Whether it is for the environment, animal rights or health, plant-based dishes and desserts are so delicious! We are not here to preach though our products represent our values. Our beautiful and delicious desserts are compatible with vegan and gluten free diet. Why not give it a try?! Check out some of our blog posts for more discussion on this topic. .
Are you two sisters?
No... Though we see each other almost on a daily basis. We are more like (work) husband and wife. 
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