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Our Story

“Ocka” /awk-a/: something quintessentially Aussie. 

original . clean . kind . artisanal 

You can have your cake and eat it too

As two friends who bonded over a healthy and active lifestyle, we believe we are what we eat. We love having a treat but also recognize that our bodies, along with the planet, are our greatest assets and that you need to care for and nurture them.

We wanted to share our passion and create products that are flavorful, delightful and nutritious so that others can similarly indulge whilst living life to the fullest!


I believe that this is a way of living: live passionately, love ourselves, and treat people, living things, and our planet Earth with compassion.

During a random dinner conversation, Evelyn and I broadly asked each other the timeless question, “What could we do to help others in the world and what can we do to show our appreciation for this planet?”

We knew we were not building rockets or self-driving cars.  Our conversation spiraled into our joys of traveling, sharing stories of our adventures and our profound love for sweets and desserts. We realized that we can contribute in our own way – rather one small bite at a time! Going plant-based is an attainable solution that everyone can do to better the environment and of course, the animals and even our mind and body. This is why I went plant-based over a decade ago. 


With close ties to Australia, life there to us is represented by a clean-living, healthy lifestyle, fueled by fresh, nutritious food. 


One of my greatest loves in life is food. I am one of those people who live to eat. I like indulging, treating myself, and finishing off a meal with a little something sweet. I also love being fit and active and living life to the fullest. This is very hard to do if you feel unhealthy and weighed down by eating food which doesn’t agree with your body, fuel your body, or help keep your body working to its fullest potential. The difference I feel when I eat the right things for my body is incredible. 


This is where Ocka Treats comes in. I wanted to create products for like-minded people. People who love a treat but recognize that your body is your greatest asset, who recognize that you have to look after it and care for it.

In meeting Carmen, I realised we shared this same passion - for healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, life and food to be enjoyed, indulgence in the right “treats,” and this is how Ocka Treats was born. 

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